Lightning Uke

An Electric Ukulele DIY Kit
for the rocker trapped inside you.

Make your ukulele, make your music.

An electric ukulele with built-in amplifier and speaker, rocks everywhere you go.

Built to be Free

Designed for 3D printing, this liberates the power of manufacturing. Now anyone can make their own musical instrument, and start making music.

Born to Rock

Be the person your younger self would be proud of - You know you're on top of the world when you rock!


A musical instrument just for you.

Check out the plan and instructions - DIY kits and assembled ones are also available.

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Here's to the makers.

Designed for mass market 3D printers, Lightning Uke is the world's first 3D printed electric ukulele that's under 100% open hardware license - this means you're free and welcome to make, modify and distribute all of its design, model and circuit layout.


Small but complete.

Full size fretboard, actual ukulele strings and accurate geared tuners - Lightning Uke is a full size soprano ukulele without compromise. Comes with custom made amplifier, pick-up and speaker, you can play it whenever, wherever you are.

Choose for your plan

“I'm a Maker”
Full DIY Kit

• Electrical and purchased parts
• 3D printed parts
• Assembly instructions

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“I'm a Rocker”
Assembled Uke

• Fully assembled Lightning Uke
• Circuit board
• Tuner app

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Plan and Model

• Component list
• 3D model files
• Assembly instructions

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